This page is dedicated to updates that I would like to share in regards 

to the 12 Keys to Understanding and Experiencing God's Perspective book.

Let me start off by addressing the Names and some verbiage that was used throughout the "12 Keys" book. 

I was very young in the revelations of things concerning the proper names of our Creator and our Messiah, also in the truths of His Word, and some things we find in our English Bibles. 

For example I have now come to understand that our Messiah's name is Yahushua (His birth given Hebrew name) which means "Yahweh Saves". He was an Israelite born to Israelite "parents".

I also understand that through much research and source studies that the proper name of the Father is Yah or Yahweh, which means "He causes to be". 

In Key # 9 on page 80 I refer to the "existing one" as jehovah, this is not an accurate name for Yahweh as it does not exist, it is the 4 sacred letters יהוה (Yod Hey Vav Hey) using the vowel points for adonai. This was done as an alternate to keep His real name from being potentially being spoken in error. Using the vowel points for adonai on the sacred letters you have to remove part of the vowel point off of the yod because it violates the language (from a compound schwa or shva to a schwa or shva) (because the yod is not a guttural) and when you do that you get yehowah or as is known today jehovah.

Many of us who have been a part of what I refer to as "churchianity", see Him and the things concerning Him from a Greek perspective, but its extremely important to view Him and His teachings (the Scriptures in general) from a Hebrew perspective. They were written from a Hebrew perspective by Israelites. 

Again our Creators/Father's name is Yahweh, He is our Elohim opposed to the generic "God" that can mean many different things to many different people. 

His Set Apart Spirit as opposed to "holy Spirit" is Ruach HaKodesh. 

Cross is a term that I understand much differently now, He died on a tree not a pagan ( t ) symbol which finds it's origin to a false god. 

Also church is a term that is inaccurate, that term was used in place of the Congregation / Assembly, specifically "Israel", the called out chosen children, The Israel of Elohim. 

The term hell is also from a pagan concept and is more accurately referred to as Sheol. 

I believe those were the important terms used in the 12 keys book that needed addressed and corrected. 

I would have used the terminology of covenant more in the book had I had a better understanding, I do use covenant terminology much more in the Perspective Factor book. 


In many places I use the terms "first book", "second book" and "third book" these all refer to the first three manuscripts which are now the Perspective Factor book. 

I refer to in Key # 2 , the King James version and the "original Greek" The King James was translated from Greek but there is proof that most if not all was originally written in Hebrew. (page 19 in soft and hard cover printed versions). 

In Key # 3, I refer to flat earth and round earth on page 22, please refer to our "A Flat Earth" podcast or webcast installment for updated clarification. 

Page 28, mentioning of being on a "planet" refer again to installment previously mentioned. 

Key # 4 page 37 I hint at a "preincarnate" Yahushua please refer to installment entitled "The Beginning and End" parts 1 & 2 for clarification. This also occurs in Key # 9 page 96. Also refer to "God in human form" I again clarify my position concerning this in the "The Beginning and End" installments. 

Key # 11 page 104, I mention "dispensation of grace" that is actually referring to a stewardship and not a time frame, I refer to this in multiple podcast installments. 

In Key # 12 I mention "relationship with Yahushua", but did not mention covenant, and its by faith in Yahushua and covenant obedience we are "saved".

This is discussed in many of our podcast installments and the Perspective Factor book.