This Page is dedicated to updates that  I would like to share in regards to the "Perspective Factor" book. 

Let me start off the same way as I did with the "12 Keys Updates"  by mentioning some of the verbiage and proper names again, I had a much better understanding this time though then with the 12 keys book. 

Also I will mention the location shows Warsaw Indiana, we have since moved to North Manchester Indiana. 

The website for Halakhah Sabbath Gathering is no longer active which is mentioned on the "About the Author Page". 

On page 84,  I mention the "Kingdom Series" which is now one installment entitled "Malchut Elohim, The Kingdom and Kingship of our Creator". 

In my reference to Genesis 2:7 on page 140, I mentioned the wrong Hebrew word instead of Ruach it is naphach that is translated breathed, and the "breath of Life", breath is the Hebrew word Nashama our eternal spirit from Yahweh. I would refer you to our two part installment on the "Afterlife" if you would be interested in more information about that. 

On page 147 I didn't share much information on Romans chapter 8 which is the go-to passage for "walking in the Spirit". I would refer you to our installment entitled "what does it mean to walk in the Spirit".