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 I record weekly messages that I call "Way of Spirit and Truth" in honor of the Biblical Sabbaths. These messages are from a Covenant Torah obedience perspective, and have Hebrew word study and Greek word study insight. We also have a new podcast as you will see further down on this page, it is entitled "A Mitzvah Moment Podcast". In this new podcast each installment is focused on a commandment from the Torah, and in the future from the Brit Chadashah "New Testament". 
   These messages are posted below in downloadable audio. Some of the "Way of Spirit and Truth" installments are also available in privately hosted ad free downloadable video formats, and are also all posted as audio podcasts available on many podcast providers such as Apple, Spotify, Podchaser, Stitcher, Amazon music, and many more. You can also access them directly at the podcast host website buzzsprout.  Robert Aaron Bills

Our new podcast "A Mitzvah Moment Podcast" Available now on most of the favorite podcast providers. 

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